• About Dominic

    Dominic is an experienced social entrepreneur and impact investing pioneer with a background in politics, innovative finance and setting up charities and social enterprises. He is passionate about societal and economic impact – helping senior leaders and organisations achieve good. He works around the world with leaders in multinationals, governments and the social sector and his expertise includes:

    • Creating strategies and cross-sector collaborations to enable city and nation transformation
    • Designing viable impact investing strategies and investments
    • Helping large organisations be platforms for innovation and impact
    • Public service reform and policy making
    Dominic's services include:
    • Strategy
    • Partnership building and connecting
    • Programme and product design
    • Business planning and impact analysis
    • Policy and political advice

    In his personal life he is a husband and father, and his hobbies include reading autobiographies, spending time with friends and watching most sports, especially football and Formula One.

  • Expertise

    Dominic's work focuses on four areas:

    Creating strategies and cross-sector collaborations to enable city and nation transformation

    Many of today’s complex societal challenges require governments, businesses and – often – the social sector to provide their unique skills, experience and insights to solve them. There is an increasing necessity for cross-sector collaborations.


    Dominic has built many cross-sector collaborations and enabled global partnerships. His experience includes:

    • Enabling global partnerships: Dominic worked with the UK Government and the White House to create a trade mission for social innovators and impact investors.
    • Building collaborative programmes: Dominic built a cross-sector collaboration between Johnson and Johnson, UCL, UK Cabinet Office and a housing association to create a technology accelerator tackling health inequality investing in tech start ups.
    • Partnering to tackle global poverty: Dominic worked with the World Economic Forum, the Overseas Development Institute and IKEA Foundation to build a partnership exploring how innovative finance could help humanitarian crises.

    Developing viable social impact investing strategies and deals

    Social impact investing is an exciting and rapidly growing industry powered by investors who are determined to generate social and environmental impact as well as financial returns. This is taking place all over the world, and across all asset classes.

    Dominic has unique insights of social impact investing from policy creation through to advising on deals then went on to build an across many asset classes in impact investing. He has helped high net worth individuals, institutional investors, foundations and governments create strategies, products and partnerships that have raised over £100m. He sits on the Advisory Board of Big Society Capital. Dominic's work has included:

    • Property and housing: Dominic helped design investment solutions that fund housing for vulnerable people – including the homeless and people fleeing domestic abuse - across the UK 
    • Impact bonds: Dominic led on over 25 impact bond projects across homelessness, health, children’s social care and young people.
    • International development: Dominic has significant expertise in how innovative finance can support the Global Goals, working with organisations including UNDP, Argidius and Spring Impact.

    Helping large organisations to be platforms for innovation and impact

    Often start-ups struggle to get to scale. Large organisations are often disrupted by new organisations. Collaboration between start-ups and large corporates is key for fostering innovation. Collaboration should benefit both sides, helping corporates to enter and create new markets, and start-ups to develop their products, and to scale. Complications commonly arise from a clash of cultures: agile versus static work processes, different work ethics and different levels of appetite for risk.


    Corporates and large charities and social enterprises are increasingly applying this methodology in social innovation; both creating products and services and working with smaller organisations that both tackle poverty and creates business opportunity.


    Dominic has unique experiences across corporate innovation and corporate social innovation including:

    • Research: Dominic worked with the World Economic Forum to design methodologies and approaches that enable innovators to work with corporates to achieve scale. Dominic also worked with Power to Change Foundation on building corporate partnerships.
    • Strategy and implementation: Dominic has advised multinationals on how to create social innovation strategies that align with their organisational objectives to create impact including the creation of investment funds.

    Public service reform and policy making

    In a time of global uncertainty and increasing inequality, changes to public services are required at an even greater pace, and the opportunity is presented to do things better. Citizens need more people centred public services, commissioners are seeking greater value for money and social enterprises and charities are prepared to deliver.

    At the same time, policy making needs to be done, not through the lens of Whitehall, Holyrood, Cardiff Bay or Stormont but through the lenses of communities, civil society and small and growing businesses.

    Dominic has exceptional knowledge of both. His experience includes:

    • Policy writing and applied policy: Working with Downing Street and Senior Ministers on building a social impact investment market including proposing the creation of Big Society Capital.
    • Public service reform: Working with government and social sector organisations to explore how they can effectively work together to deliver public services including through social sector primes, impact bonds and community-based interventions.
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